Purchase Terms

Roberthilmersson.com is a part of Melefors Invest AB (org. no. 559232-7786). Roberthilmersson.com and Roberthilmersson.com are hereinafter referred to as "Roberthilmersson.com" or "we."


The following General Purchase Terms ("Purchase Terms") apply to all orders and purchases of products made by a customer through Roberthilmersson.com ("the webshop"). By accepting and completing a purchase in the webshop, you also accept these Purchase Terms.


Roberthilmersson.com reserves the right to amend the Purchase Terms at any time without prior notice. The version of the Purchase Terms that you accept at the time of your order applies to your purchase.


Purchases via Roberthilmersson.com are subject to the Consumer Sales Act (1990:932) as well as the Act (2005:59) on Distance Contracts and Contracts Outside Business Premises.


If you have any questions about the Purchase Terms, please Roberthilmersson.com kontakt@Roberthilmersson.com.

Thank you for choosing to shop at Roberthilmersson.com!



Shipping costs may apply depending on the chosen shipping option at checkout. The total price including VAT is displayed in the cart and at checkout after any discounts have been applied.


Roberthilmersson.com reserves the right to make changes to prices and assortment from time to time. The applicable price and assortment are always those stated at the time of ordering. In case of any items being sold out, this will be indicated in the order confirmation sent to your email after placing the order.



You must be over 18 years old to shop at Roberthilmersson.com.


An agreement for a purchase is only concluded when Roberthilmersson.com has sent an order confirmation to the email address you provided at checkout. The order confirmation is sent to your email as soon as possible after your order has been registered with Roberthilmersson.com. Always check your order confirmation to ensure the accuracy of your order. If anything is incorrect in the order confirmation, please contact contact@Roberthilmersson.com as soon as possible.



You place an order by clicking "Complete Purchase" at checkout. If you have a discount code, you can enter this code at checkout before finalizing your purchase. It is not possible to combine discount codes with other discounts or multiple discount codes.


At checkout, information about available payment methods will be displayed. By placing an order in the webshop, you agree that Roberthilmersson.com transfers its customer claim to Klarna AB through the payment solution Klarna Checkout. In order for Klarna to identify you, you will need to provide information such as your email address and postal code. Sometimes, your personal identification number and mobile number may also be requested. The information you need to provide and the payment methods offered may vary from time to time. Klarna may also perform a credit check on you. If Klarna chooses to perform a credit check, this information will not be visible to anyone else requesting a credit check on you, and your creditworthiness will not be affected. Klarna will also send a copy of the credit check to you by mail.


Klarna Invoice

Payment must be made within 14 days to the account at Nordea Bank specified on the invoice. The invoice will be sent via email once your order has left our warehouse. Therefore, you do not need to pay before receiving your order. You also have the option to download your invoices at www.klarna.com. To order with payment via invoice, you must provide your complete social security number. If you do not wish to provide your social security number or if Klarna rejects your request, you have the option to choose one of the other payment methods presented at checkout. Delivery against invoice is only made to the address where you are registered. In case of delayed payment, Klarna will charge a reminder fee, currently 60 SEK, as well as late payment interest at 24% plus the current reference rate.


Klarna Account

With this payment method, you can choose to pay a certain amount each month. You can decide the amount you want to pay each month, but at least one twenty-fourth (1/24) of the total amount or 50 SEK, including the invoice fee. If you have more than one installment purchase with Klarna, they will be combined into a single monthly invoice for you. Klarna Account has an annual interest rate of 19.9% and an invoice fee of 29 SEK, but no setup fee. You can easily end your installment payment whenever you want by depositing the remaining amount.


Card Payment

Pay with your VISA, MasterCard, or American Express, and the amount will be directly deducted from your account at the time of purchase. All card information is encrypted according to applicable standards and rules, and Roberthilmersson.com does not handle or store any card information. Klarna is certified according to the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standard.


Bank Transfer via Online Banking

If you are a customer of Handelsbanken, Nordea, SEB, or Swedbank, you can pay directly from your online bank account. At checkout, you will be redirected to your online bank, where you log in and approve the transaction; the amount is then deducted from your account.


Direct Payment via Mobile BankID

Pay directly from your bank account by approving with Mobile BankID. The amount will be deducted from your account once you have approved the transaction on your mobile device.


More information and complete terms for the different payment methods can be found on Klarna's website, 


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