Shipping policy

Delivery Terms - Sweden

When shopping with us, the price you see includes VAT (moms) and free shipping. We provide complimentary delivery for all products and accessories within Sweden, in partnership with reliable carriers such as Bring Express, Posten, and Schenker. Please be aware that, with the exception of Gotland, we are unable to deliver to addresses that require boat transport within Sweden. Your convenience is our priority.


Delivery Terms - International

For international deliveries, please get in touch. We offer shipping both within and outside the EU, but upon request.



Typically, delivery takes around 2-7 business days, depending on whether the product is available in our central warehouse or is ordered directly from the supplier's stock. We always strive to maintain the estimated delivery time to ensure your products reach you promptly. Occasionally, there might be slight delays due to factors like awaiting delivery from the supplier. However, rest assured that we'll dispatch your order as swiftly as possible. Remember, as a customer, having valid identification at the time of product pickup/delivery is important.


Delivery Confirmation

Upon receiving your order, we will send you an order confirmation via email. Additionally, you'll receive an email with a delivery confirmation when the product/products leave our warehouse. Your satisfaction is our commitment.


Transport Damages

In case of any transport damage, please promptly notify our customer service via email or phone. We adhere to the guidelines set by the Consumer Agency, and such reports should be made within a reasonable timeframe from when the buyer detected or should have detected the issue. It's important to carefully unpack and inspect your products. For businesses, reports of transport damages should be made within seven days. To expedite the process, kindly retain the product's packaging for inspection. Depending on the extent of the damage, options may include replacement, remedy, or price reduction.


Free Shipping - Large Items

Larger products are usually delivered using Bring Express throughout Sweden. Upon the product/products arriving at Bring Express, you will receive a phone notification detailing the delivery date and time window. Bring Express also provides a 30-minute advance notice before delivery to ensure your presence. Deliveries occur on weekdays, typically between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM. For apartments, products are delivered to the entrance, and for houses, they are brought up to the property line or as close as a truck can access. Please note that the carrier will suggest a delivery time, usually within a 3-hour window (e.g., 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM).




Free Shipping - Small Items

Smaller items are delivered through Posten to your nearest postal service location. Once the package arrives at the service point, you'll receive an SMS notification indicating that your package is ready for pickup. If a mobile number is not provided, you'll receive a postal notification that includes a reference number and instructions for where to collect the package.


In-Store Pickup

If you're unable to accommodate carrier delivery times, you can choose the In-Store Pickup option during checkout. With this method, you collect your items from one of our stores at your convenience. Upon selecting In-Store Pickup, you'll make the payment for your products using your preferred method at the online store's checkout. After receiving your order, the products will be transferred from our central warehouse to your chosen store. In the order confirmation, you'll find a link to select your desired store. Please note that we'll send you an email and an SMS as soon as the products are ready for pickup, ensuring you don't make an unnecessary trip. Please be aware that the order will return to our central warehouse 14 days after you receive the first notification. Our stores are open on weekdays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.



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